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After graduating from the Game Development Institute at Austin Community College, I immediately started working with a few fellow graduates on a title of my own design called Project Morb. Began development of a working prototype using Unity 3d then transitioned to the UNREAL 4 engine upon its release. 


I started in the industry at Bioware Austin as a QA Tester for Star Wars : The Old Republic. I then interned at Kalani Games in Austin, Texas working on a prototype for a 3d action adventure game in Unity 3d.  My most recent position was Quality Assurance with Portalarium Games in 2014 working on Richard Garriott's Shroud of the Avatar. I completed test cases for combat, grouping, terrain geometry and UI within JIRA and reported directly to the leads of all the teams and the Executive/Associate Producer. 

Development continues on Project Morb. If you would like to follow our progress check out our facebook page below!

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